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Who are We?


The Playmasters are a non-profit Community Theater group, who have been in operation since 1952. Over the years we have built a reputation for providing an evening of theatrical entertainment for our subscribers, audience members and community.  It is our hobby and no one involved receives any type of remuneration.  Our dedication is strictly to the love of theater and the joy of making audiences happy.

The Playmasters perform comedies, in as much as that is what our audiences seem to prefer in order that they may laugh and escape, for a few hours each evening, the troubles of the world. We have a love affair with our audiences which is reciprocated in turn by our subscribers and audience who, loyally, return season after season.

The Playmasters became established to give ourselves and others, an outlet for creativity and communication  with those who enjoy live theater.  We welcome the active participation of anyone, either backstage or on stage, who seeks a rewarding means of expression between themselves and an audience.

The Playmasters are located in Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.  For 20 years we were situated in a barn-theatre on State Road, three miles south of our current location.  In April, 1979, an arsonist destroyed our theater.  Finally, in 1982, ground was broken for our present theater. With the generous financial support of our subscribers and audience, together with the fabulous moral support of the Park authorities and the Department of Environmental Resources, this theater was built, enabling us to reestablish our relationship between ourselves, the audience and the community.

The Playmasters season begins in September and runs until May.  We perform four plays per season. Our individual ticket prices and subscription prices are, without a doubt, the best theatrical bargain inthe area! Subscribers see four plays for the price of three!

If you are interested in working with the Playmasters, either on stage or backstage, or if you wish  to be on our mailing list for notification of plays or auditions, please contact us at 215-245-7850. Become involved with The Playmasters and learn the meaning of personal satisfaction!

The Playmasters, State Rd. ¾ mile north of Street Road, Bensalem.  

The Playmasters – PO Box 6012, Phila., PA 19114
215-245-7850 - www.playmasters.org

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