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Suite Surrender

Past Seasons > 2019

🎭  (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Mike McCollum as Otis the Bellhop. Mike has  frequently appeared in Playmasters’ productions over the years as well  as having performed in other venues. After having been denied admission  (or having been kicked out of several luxury hotels), Mike really wanted  to see what life was like in the world of four-star opulent  accommodations. So he joined the cast as a bellhop to experience the  extravagance firsthand. So far, he thinks he's getting the hang of it.  We think so too! 🎭

🎭  (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Clinton Walters as Francis the Bellhop. This  is Clint’s first production at Playmasters and he couldn’t have done it  without the support of his family and friends. Clint thanks everyone  from the bottom of his heart for their unending support in every one of  his endeavors. Welcome to the PM Family, Clint! We hope to see more of  you at Playmasters! 🎭

🎭  (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Michele S. Scutti as Dora del Rio, Gossip  Columnist for the Palm Beach Tattler. This is Michele’s fifth production  as Stage Manager at Playmasters. It seems like she’s always behind the  stage and never on the stage. Once again, she’s pulling double duty, an  honor she had with “6 Rms Riv Vu.” Either way, we’re always glad to see  Michele back home at Playmasters in any capacity! 🎭

🎭  (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Laura Young as Mrs. Everett P. Osgood,  President of the Palm Beach Ladies for Unity. Laura is excited to be  back at Playmasters for Suite Surrender! She was bit by the theater bug  at 15 years old and has never looked back. Laura has primarily been  involved in musicals until she recently found a love for comedic plays.  In fact, this year she was nominated for an NJACT Perry Award for her  performance as Glinda in Yardley Players “The Wizard of Oz.” When not at  the theater, she enjoys going on adventures and watching movies with  her husband, James, and their cat. As always, she would like to thank  James for understanding her love of performing and being so supportive  of all of her theatrical endeavors! We haven’t heard from the cat yet.  Welcome back, Laura! 🎭

🎭  (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Kevin P. Walters as Bernard S. Dunlap,  General Manager of the Palm Beach Royale. Kevin got his first big break  on the community theatre stage at Playmasters. In 2014 he appeared as  Marvin Marvel in “Four Weddings and an Elvis.” Let’s hope Kevin doesn’t  stay away as long. Five years is way too long for this talented actor to  be away from Playmasters! 🎭

🎭  (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Jessica P. Robertson as Miss Pippet,  Claudia’s Personal Secretary. A big welcome to Jessica; this is her  first production at Playmasters. A vocalist by trade, Jess is trying her  luck as a sassy yet hardworking and beleaguered secretary. Just make  sure the martinis are flowing and everything will be fine. 🎭

🎭 (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Colleen Mackle as Murphy Stevens, Athena’s Personal Secretary. 🎭

🎭  (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Marci Lumer as Claudia McFadden, America’s  Beloved Matron of Song. Having caught the acting bug in 2017, this is  only Marci’s 5th show. Marci is grateful to her family for their support  and encouragement. Being new to Playmasters has been a great experience  for Marci and she can’t wait to work on future projects! And we are  looking forward to Marci being a part of the Playmasters Family! 🎭

 (9/20-10/6/19) Introducing Claudia Lewis as Athena Sinclair, Great Star  of Stage and Screen. This is Claudia’s first production at Playmasters.  We truly hope this is the beginning of something beautiful between us! 🎭
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