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Past Seasons > 2008 - 2009

May 1 – May 17, 2009
Rumors by Neil Simon.

Chris Gorman
Ken Gorman
Claire Ganz
Lenny Ganz
Cookie Cusack
Ernie Cusack
Cassie Cooper
Glen Cooper
Officer Welsh
Officer Pudney

is played by     

Patti Vidakovic
Michael Brazil
Carol Radziwon
Michael McCollum
Joanie Keehn
Joe Szumila
Denise Dole Puchalski
Gary Lasasso
Rich Hall
Jacki Green


Directed by Denis Cullen
Co-Directed by Kathy Garofano
Produced by Sara Stepnowski

Play Synopsis:
Four couples are at the townhouse of a deputy New York City mayor and his wife to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. The party never begins because the host has shot himself in the head (it's only a flesh wound) and his wife is missing.

His lawyer's cover up, gets progressively more difficult to  sustain as the other guests arrive and nobody can remember who has been told what about whom. Doors slam and hilarity abounds as the couples get more and more crazed.

"Has nothing on its mind except making the audience laugh." N.Y. Times.  
"Not only side splitting, but front and back splitting." NBC TV

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