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How The Other Half Loves

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How the Other Half Loves
by Alan Ayckbourn
Director Deb Lewis
Synopsis: How the Other Half Loves is a clever, funny, and beautifully crafted play, which juggles time and space to present the lives and loves of three married couples. The comedy follows the consequences of an affair between a married man and his boss’s wife and their attempts to cover their tracks by roping in a third couple to be their alibi, resulting in a chain of misunderstandings, conflicts, and revelations.
Performance Dates: November 29, 30, December 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays @ 8pm; Sundays @ 2pm). Please note any conflicts you may have on the Audition sheet.
- Fiona Foster (late 40s/early 50s): sophisticated, wealthy, self-assured, put together. Bored with her marriage and having a fling with Bob Phillips.
- Frank Foster (mid-50s/early 60s): owns the company that employs Bob & William. Sweet, befuddled, absent minded, well-meaning, tries unsuccessfully to fix things around the house.
- Teresa Phillips (mid 30s): overwhelmed, frustrated and tired with a baby, trying to keep her marriage, home, and life together. Looking for some purpose to her disheveled life.
- Bob Phillips (late 30s/early 40s): self-centered, bored, and frustrated in his marriage and home life. Having an affair with Fiona Foster, his boss’s wife.
- William Detweiler (late 30s/early 40s): boring, naïve, ambitious, social climber. A control freak when it comes to Mary.
- Mary Detweiler (late 30s): controlled by William, sheltered, inhibited, timid, nervous, and socially inept.


🎭  (11/29-12/15) Introducing Kate Black as Fiona Foster. Since playing  Charlotte Hay in last year’s “Moon Over Buffalo,” Kate has been working  backstage as a stage manager and booth tech, along with doing set  construction, where she is happy to report she managed to not injure  anyone in the process! (We are, too!) Come find out if the flamboyant  Fiona’s fibs finally catch up with her in this fun farce! 🎭

🎭 (11/29-12/15) Introducing Paul McCarthy as Frank Foster. Paul is returning to Playmasters after playing Dickie in ”The Fox on the Fairway” this past Spring. He has played Uncle Bud in “In Laws, Outlaws, and Other People” and Father Chenille in “Drinking Habits” both at Village Players of Hatboro. Paul is a Rugby Coach for Blackthorn Rugby while also working full-time as a Sales Rep for a printing company. Paul thanks Diane and the family for their encouragement and patience. 🎭

🎭 (11/29-12/15) Introducing Colleen Mackle as Mary Detweiler. Colleen is a short, impatient, easily irritated person – but she’s found that acting is a better outlet than actual murder. Running, reading, and movies also help. As do her loving and patient husband, and her three fur-babies – all cats, which is obviously having an effect on her. Back to acting – Colleen is thrilled to be back at Playmasters, hanging out with her second family, with whom she’s previously done a whole host of shows including “Cahoots,” “Holmes for the Holidays’,” “Drop Dead,” “Crimes of the Heart,” and, most recently, “Suite Surrender.” 🎭

🎭 (11/29-12/15) Introducing Eric Carlino as William Detweiler. Eric is glad to be back after a one-show self-imposed hiatus. Did ya miss him? (Yes. Yes we did.) As always, a special thanks to Eric’s wife and son for their love and support. 🎭

🎭 (11/29-12/15) Introducing Rich Hall as Bob Phillips. Rich is a full-time tech at Reedman’s Collision Shop. He loves working at the Playmasters and just finished directing the season opener, “Suite Surrender.” As always, Rich would like to thank his wonderful wife, Marie, for all of her support. 🎭

🎭 (11/29-12/15) Introducing Laura Young as Teresa Phillips. Laura is excited to be back at Playmasters for “How The Other Half Loves!” It's been a fun year of comedic plays and she is so happy to work with another amazing cast. Before this year Laura has primarily been involved in musicals and was recently honored to be nominated for an NJACT Perry Award for her performance as Glinda in Yardley Players "The Wizard of Oz." On the rare occasions Laura isn't at the theater, she loves going on adventures and watching movies with her husband, James, and their cat. As always, Laura would like to thank James for understanding her love of the stage and for being so supportive of all of her theatrical endeavors!

🎭 (11/29-12/15) Introducing Deb Lewis, the Director of “How the Other Half Loves.” Deb is glad to be back directing another very funny show after directing last year's “Fox on the Fairway.” She wants to thank her hard-working and talented cast for bringing these characters to life. When not at the theater, Deb works in Finance and likes to travel. Thanks always to John for supporting her theater hobby. 🎭
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