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Drinking Habits

Current Season
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Synopsis: Jack is a former jeweler who now lives in a retirement home  with Blanche, Flora, and Rose. The four have entrusted Barney, a  smooth-talking financial advisor, with their life savings. But when  Barney is arrested for his involvement in a Ponzi scheme, the four try  to find a way to exact their revenge and recoup their losses.

Performances Dates: June 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21  (Th/F/Sat @ 8pm; Sun @ 2pm). Please note any conflicts you may have on  the Audition sheet.

The Playmasters is an all-volunteer community theatre. All roles are unpaid.


Introducing Samantha G. Otto as Sister Philamena. Samantha is excited to  be making her Playmasters debut in this hysterical show, and she  certainly never expected to be playing a nun! Other roles that Samantha  holds dear to her heart are Fiona in “Four Weddings and an Elvis” with  The Yardley Players, Sarah Schorr in “Trying” with The Langhorne  Players, as well as a collective 10 roles in “The Laramie Project” with  BTTB. When she is not on-stage she is a counselor in a correctional  facility, and loves reading, playing with makeup, and snuggling with her  dog, Crumb. Welcome, Samantha! 🎭

(3/20-4/5) Introducing Laura Dalfonso as Sister Augusta. Laura is making her Playmasters debut as Sister Augusta! Although she typically wears risqué costumes in shows like “Cabaret,” “42nd Street,” and “Curtains,” Laura looks forward to donning a habit while selling Lucifer’s Libation! Welcome, Laura! 🎭
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