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Drinking Habits

Current Season
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Two nuns at the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing have been secretly making wine to keep the convent's doors open. Paul and Sally are reporters, and former fiancees, who go undercover as a nun and priest. With their arrival, and that of a novice nun, paranoia sets in throughout the convent. Has Rome finally sent spies to shut them down? Let the wine and the secrets spill!

March 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, April 2, 3, 4, 5 (Th/F/Sat @ 8pm; Sun @ 2pm)

The Playmasters is an all-volunteer community theatre. All roles are unpaid.


Introducing Samantha G. Otto as Sister Philamena. Samantha is excited to  be making her Playmasters debut in this hysterical show, and she  certainly never expected to be playing a nun! Other roles that Samantha  holds dear to her heart are Fiona in “Four Weddings and an Elvis” with  The Yardley Players, Sarah Schorr in “Trying” with The Langhorne  Players, as well as a collective 10 roles in “The Laramie Project” with  BTTB. When she is not on-stage she is a counselor in a correctional  facility, and loves reading, playing with makeup, and snuggling with her  dog, Crumb. Welcome, Samantha! 🎭

(3/20-4/5) Introducing Laura Dalfonso as Sister Augusta. Laura is making her Playmasters debut as Sister Augusta! Although she typically wears risqué costumes in shows like “Cabaret,” “42nd Street,” and “Curtains,” Laura looks forward to donning a habit while selling Lucifer’s Libation! Welcome, Laura! 🎭

(3/20-4/5) Introducing Joe Adams as George. Joe is making his return to  community theatre after a 10-year hiatus. When he’s not acting, Joe  plays keyboards and sings in an 80s themed rock band. Joe would like to  thank his son Luke for being a constant source of inspiration and for  putting up with countless hours of sitting in the theatre watching  rehearsals. Welcome and Rock On, Joe!

(3/20-4/5) Introducing Deb Lewis as Mother Superior. Deb is excited to  be back on stage after directing “How the Other Half Loves” and “The Fox  on the Fairway.” She has enjoyed working with this talented cast. Deb  has been involved with local community theatres for over 25-years, both  on and off stage. In her spare time, she works in Finance and loves to  travel. She has twin daughters with weddings 8 months apart and needs to  plan a vacation! Thanks always to her family for their support,  especially her husband John. 🎭

(3/20-4/5) Introducing Damian Gaeta as Paul. Damian enjoys pretending to be other people and making people laugh. You should come out to Playmasters and watch him do both. This will enhance your life’s happiness and energy by at least 42% and give you plenty of stories to tell at work that involve the phrase, “...and then he was like...” 🎭

(3/20-4/5) Introducing Colleen Mackle as Sally. Colleen is very happy to be back at Playmasters in “Drinking Habits,” combining two of her favorite things - acting and alcohol! Lots of love to Kathy and the whole gang; it’s going to be a great show! Some of her other shows include: “ThenFox on the Fairway,” “Holmes for the Holidays,” “Drop Dead,” “Crimes of the Heart,” and “Four Weddings and an Elvis.” Outside of theatre, Colleen has a super exciting desk job which helps support her various vices like watching movies, reading, traveling, running 5Ks for the bling, playing with swords, and being a crazy cat-mom. She’d like to thank her husband Jeremy for his continuing love, support, and his willingness to schlep large loads and lift heavy objects. 🎭
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