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Breaking Legs

Past Seasons > 2019

(6/7-6/23/19) “Breaking Legs” Cast Announced!
Directors Bob Clothier and Kathy Garofano are pleased to announce the cast of “Breaking Legs”
⭐️ Shawn Applegate as Frankie Salvucci
⭐️ Eric Carlino as Tony DeFelice
⭐️ Bob Clothier as Lou Graziano
⭐️ Tom DiNardo as Mike Francisco
⭐️ Damian Gaeta as Terence O’Keefe
⭐️ Laura Young as Angie Graziano

• Into an Italian restaurant, owned by a successful mobster and managed by his beautiful unmarried daughter, walks the daughter’s former college professor. He has come to ask for financial backing for a play he has written. The father’s associates are intrigued with the idea of producing a play. The daughter becomes enamored of the playwright, who is delighted to have the family’s support until he discovers his backers are gangsters!

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